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Conceptual Design,Retirement Life,ArchViz - Social Housing

Blender Geometry Node For Creating Stadium Stairs

I recently discovered and now fully adopted using a free open source software program called Blender for 3D modeling. After watching many YouTube tutorials on a new feature called Geometry Nodes I was motivated to make a geometry node for creating stadium or bleacher stairs. You can download this Stadium Stairs Blender Geometry Node from GumRoad for free (enter $0 for the fair price). I plan to focus my Blender ArchViz exploration of stadium stairs within the interior settings of residences and large co-living spaces. A link to my Pinterest MultiFunction Stadium Stairs board with inspirational pins of outdoor and indoor stadium stair examples from around the world.

Retirement Life

I am a retired federal civil servant, tech geek, and conceptual design artist, planning to share some of my retirement journey and activities here. My main gig these days is volunteering at Dorothy Day House in Berkeley, California. On days I don't volunteer, I will try to stay healthy and young by learning how to dance a very exhausting looking genre called Cutting Shapes or Shuffling. An end result would be posting some video clips of my moves on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram. Stay tuned to follow me on those platforms.

Social Housing

Living in California, you're exposed to its housing affordability and homeless problems. Since I live in a university town, I'm very influenced by the array of college living that goes on nearby, from dormitories, to housing co-ops, fraternities, sororities, off-campus apartments, shared homes, and room rentals. I thinkĀ a mashup of these college living situations blended into the broader long term realm of social housing can be a solution to our housing crisis. I plan to express these social housing ideas using newly acquired ArchViz skills in Blender here. More to come...

Past Projects

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    Peace From Berkeley

    After years of drought in California, I transformed my back yard lawn into a visual message to the world. To view the satellite imagery of it as intended on Google Maps or Bing Maps or Google Earth, try these links: Google Maps, Bing Maps, Google Earth. To watch a zoom-in animation created with Google Earth Studio posted on Instagram with a hypnotic soundtrack: Instagram (turn on audio!)

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    A Photo-Mosaic

    Before the advent of digital cameras and smartphones, I created a photo mosaic of my 5-year-old daughter using images of her that I digitized from photos and frame grabbed from analog video sources. This photo-mosaic can be viewed and experienced here: Photo Mosaic Viewer The old project web page explaining the journey and tech info back in 2003 is here: PhotoMosaic Project.

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    Berkeley Hills Timelapse

    From 2015 to 2020 I created computer generated daily timelapse videos from a shed in my backyard that has a wonderful view of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Equipment used was an old Canon point and shoot, a Rasperry Pi tiny computer, and some scripts to create one minute length timelapses. I kept the last two months of videos before I shut things down. To view the last two months on the old webpage click here: Timelapse Movies from the Berkeley Hills. I hope to curate the cool looking timelapse videos with colorful sunsets and place on a web page someday. .